Photo a day #2

Allez hop hop hop, je continue après la fin du mois de mars, et voici la liste de Fat Mum Slim :



1. Play:
 Take a photo of play. How do you like to have fun?
2. Blue: This is our charity prompt for Autism Awareness. Shoot something blue.
3. Something beginning with A: Find something beginning with the letter A, snap and share.
4. This happened today: Perhaps you’ll need to take a few photos today and share in a collage, or pick your favourite. What happened to you today?
5. Something good: What’s good in your life right now? Do share!
6. Air: This month we’re exploring the elements: air, earth, water and fire. Today share air. Tough, right?
7. Dreamy: To me dreamy is all about light and putting a filter over a photo that makes it a little whimsical. What does dreamy mean to you? Is it a place you like to escape to? Something you hope for?
8. On your plate: You could take this one literally: what’s on your plate for lunch etc? Or what you have on your to-do list right now…
9. Tiny: Look for the small things in life; little ants running across the path, a teeny flower just starting to bloom.
10. A place: Home, work, a cafe, your town, a place you visited… pick a place and share it. Perhaps even geotag it.
11. Detail: How can you show off the beautiful detail in something. Get in close and show it off, or just shoot something that has lots of detail worth appreciating.
12. In the middle: You can use ‘in the middle’ for composition and take a photo of something smack-bang in the middle of the frame, or choose to shoot something that is placed in the middle of other things. It’s up to you.
13. View from your bed: What do you see when you wake up or go to bed at night? Share it.
14. Water: Share the element water. Is it the sea? In a glass? From a tap?
15. Alone: Take a photo of alone. Perhaps it’s how you feel, what you’re doing, or a lone object sitting on it’s own.
16. Your favourite colour: What’s your favourite colour right now?
17. Busy: What’s the busiest part of your day? Share it, or share something that is busy {a bee, a line at a cafe, a person working, you!}
18. Hello!: Use your imagination on this one. Is it how you greet someone? A sign? A look? Or something else?
19. Button: On your clothes, or a button you press to start/stop thing… or a belly button if you may!
20. On your mind: What are you thinking about today?
21. Fire: The fire element! A match? Candles on a cake? A fireplace? Be careful!
22. Blurry: How can you get creative and make your photo blurry? Move your camera quickly, or have your subject move quickly past the camera. This should be fun!
23. Time: You can show how time passes… the sun rising, a clock, something growing, or another way to represent time.
24. I saw this person today: Who did you see today? A friend, a loved one, a stranger? Shoot them. Well, don’t shoot them… but take a photo. You know what I mean.
25. Life is…: How is life today for you? Hard? Beautiful? Wonderous? Exhausting? Express it in a photo.
26. Childhood: Share something that represents childhood to you. Perhaps it’s a photo of you as a kid.
27. Earth: The last of the elements, how will you share earth with us?
28. My Sunday: To me Sundays seem like a sacred day. Some people go to church, some people rest or make pancakes, others get adventurous. I’d love to see what your Sunday looks like. You can even share more than one photo {a collage perhaps?}
29. I wore this today: Share your whole outfit, or just part of it.
30. Glasses: Drinking glasses giving a cheers, sunglasses or spectacles? You choose.


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